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Property Management Services in Costa Rica

Let us do the work for you!

It’s easy to underestimate the commitment and know-how it takes to manage a vacation rental. There’s maintenance and cleaning, check-in and check-out procedures, contracts, deposits, reservations, dynamic pricing, common area maintenance fees and taxes to pay, marketing, and of course, those weekend and late-night phone calls from guests. Pura Vida Rentals property management service will handle the entire rental process so your guests enjoy their stay and you can relax knowing your valuable investment is in good hands.

We also offer maintenance programs for non-rental properties such as air-conditioning preventative maintenance and repairs, house cleaning, pool service, gardening, and monthly pest control services.  We can create a custom solution for you.

Our services include:

  • Collection  and payment of common area maintenance fees
  • Proposals for extra work
  • Accounting services for the operation of the condominium with individual monthly reports
  • Monthly financial statements and a report of the relevant facts of the period
  • Management of the totality of the funds of the condominium, in connection with the collection of fees, administration costs (according to budget established and approved by the General Assembly of Owners), total current account management, and investment of excess liquidity.
  • Human Resources, Payroll, presentation of C.C.S.S.(Caja) form and form of labor insurance (INS), accrued vacation time, calculations of bonuses, recruitment and selection of employee candidates, induction and training of new staff.
  • Facilities repair and maintenance, through the Condominium’s own personnel when possible, or, will be contracted according to the requirements of the task (the cost will be covered by the Condominium).
  • Supervise the security monitoring company that is contracted by the Condominium, coordinating the details with them of the operation of the Condominium.
  • Monthly list of supplies and materials needed in the Condominium, routine or extraordinary expenses, purchasing, and shipping.
  • Control of the consumption of supplies and expenditure of materials.
  • Payment of any obligation by the Condominium for public services or other services.
  • Supervision of the facilities, personnel, and special services contracted, as well as monitoring of extraordinary work, delivery of supplies and materials.
  • Inform owners regarding a resolution to any existing problems, discuss concerns, plan activities or future projects.
  • Constant control of the general maintenance needs of the Condominium, in order to propose suitable procedures for the adequate attention of the deficiencies, whether it be garden and decoration, painting, maintenance of common areas, etc.
  • Monitoring of the operation and maintenance of existing equipment in the Condominium, control of storage inventory, etc.
  • Make recommendations for the revision and updating of the Condominium Regulations, when deemed necessary.
  • Make updates to the Condominium Regulations, when it is duly approved by the condominium owners.
  • Cooperation with any necessary legal matters of the condominium. In any legal process that must be performed, the cost of the lawyer’s fees and any other expenses of the legal aspect will be covered by the Condominium.
  • Arbitration between condominium owners, in order to help maintain harmony in the Condominium, in case of problems between them.
  • Preparation of annual balanced budgets to allow continual improvements to the property.
  • Periodic review of the bylaw.
  • Application of rules and regulations
  • Legal advice (for an additional fee)
  • Maintenance advice
  • Call for ordinary and extraordinary assembly of condominium owners.
  • Income statements (for additional fees)
  • Marketing management for rent and sale (for an additional fee)